Thursday, June 12, 2008

Miggy and Johan Update (Part 1, Miggy)

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The news of the day is that Dontrelle Willis was sent to A ball the other day. Right past rehab assignment locales like AA or AAA, all the way to Lakeland, Florida, where most major league Tigers only play their spring ball. Willis line to date: 0-1, 10.32 ERA, and a guffaw-inducing 21 walks in 11 1/3 innings. The Tigers are a much discussed disaster this season. Most stories usually preface disaster with "unmitigated"or "$138 million."

Miggy himself, while putting up decent numbers, is far off his regular pace across the board. We can't even point to an "especially." No - his numbers are down to about 60%-70% in every category.


Meanwhile the Marlins are succeeding just as famously as the Tigers are faltering. Naturally headlines like these follow.

Cameron Maybin is heating up in AA ball, getting to everything in the outfield and hearing praise for "major league pop."

Andrew Miller had himself nice highlight with a strikeout high when marlins finished an intense D-Backs sweep a weeks back. Since then he's reverted to looking very much the rookie (with the exception of a strong start against the Phils Wednesday night).

Mike Rabelo won the starting catcher job in spring training despite expectations to the contrary. His season highlight was catching a Scott Olsen near gem. The life of a catcher I suppose.

Eulogio De La Cruz had a cup of coffee and gave up 2 earned in 3 IP.

Burke Badenhop - after pedestrian numbers as a starter, he's been moved to the bullpen.

Dallas Trahern is toiling in the minors. His family is really rooting for him.

Checking in on what the Angels and Dogders ultimately preserved


Howie Kendrick - After hitting .500 through the first 10 games of the season, Kendrick spent a month on the DL because of his hamstring. Now he's back and slumping.

Jeff Mathis - he is indeed splitting time with Napoli, but the latter is the one getting all the ink and all the homers.

Ervin Santana and Joe Saunders have been on fire. They dot the AL's pitching leaderboards.. Saunders is in the top 10 in Wins, ERA, and WHIP. So is Santana, but along with Ks, CGs, and IPs to boot. Their combined line: 17-5, 3.14 ERA.

Nick Adenhart picked up his first major league win and was promptly sent back to the minors


Matt Kemp - while he's mostly on a similar pace as he was last year, because of a full season he'll have career bests in every category. He's already set those marks for SB and 2B (and about to do so for SO too). He's hitting .300 and is the Dodgers leading run producer. His numbers are strikingly similar to Miggy's, plus the stolen bases.

Andy LaRoche rehabbed in the spring and had to sit in AAA, mostly stewing over sitting in AAA. Up until now management preferred Terry Tifee, but Laroche will finally get a taste.

Clayton Kershaw - He was sitting on the cusp after spring training and now got the call up on 5/25. He gave up a workman-like 2 in 6 innins of work and even struck out 7. Since then, he's struggled, walking guys at Dontrelle-like rate.

The Johan portion will follow shortly.

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  1. As a general south florida sports fan, i've noticed that, in football, players' stints with the dolphins tend to be career low-points while, in baseball, players' stints with the fish tend to be glory days. obviously there are exceptions (such as Derrick Lee), but it really does seem to be the case.