Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LBs from Da U

Going into tomorrow's games, four of the top 10 NFL tacklers are linebackers from the U. Beyond DJ Williams, Jonathan Vilma, Nate Webster, and Jon Beason*, a little farther down the list fellow UM LBs Ray Lewis and Rocky MacIntosh round out the top 25.

Tackles are not the most reliable stat, both in the way that they're computed and in their significance. For example, you could argue that Williams' and Websters' numbers are inflated because Denver's defense is so awful; the same could be said of Vilma and New Orleans.

That being said, at the very least it's a good indicator of who is regularly around the ball.

Only Lewis and Webster are older than 28. PSU earned it's nickname by having so many successful college linebackers, but Miami could stake a claim as the new Linebacker U based on NFL resumes.

Then again, maybe it's got nothing to do with linebackers because Miami has recently produced an ungodly amount of players at every position. So maybe this is just Butch Davis praise.

- Agent Easy

*The obligatory NSFW 7th Floor Crew link in honor of "Big Beast"

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  1. Cool. And yet, it's outweighed by disappointment in Miami's fallen status as 'Quarterback U'. It's been 20 years since they produced a QB who made a significant impact in the pros (testeverde).