Sunday, May 11, 2008

Marlins On Top

The Marlins have baseballs best record at 23-14. They've won 7 straight, but more importantly, over the weekend, they just locked up Hanley Ramirez long term. While their current success might be fleeting, the Hanley deal should be a sign of perennial success, or at least a commitment to that success, for years to come.

For those Marlins fans that are still dubious, being once burned by the Delgado signing and Lo Duca extension of 2004, only to see them shipped off within a year, they should recall that those moves were motivated by an anticipated stadium deal, one that never came to fruition. This time, however, the Hanley signing comes on the heels of an actual finalized stadium deal, and should be regarded as the authentic sign of change that it is.


  1. it's Inspectah DeckMay 13, 2008 at 2:27 PM

    "Change: Can't Live With It? Or Can't Live Without It? The 2008 Florida Marlins"

  2. As for the stadium deal, i just can't believe it until i see with my own eyes HanRam leaping to snag a line-drive.

  3. they're not going anywhere without Joe Girardi

  4. who keeps sayin that??