Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If the BWAA is still talkin baseball, so can we

Belated WS questions to ponder:

- Why did neither team start their game 2 starters (or any of their starters for that matter) to finish off game 5? I can only assume that the managerial thinking was that a reliver had the advantage of proper mindset, but for all intents and purposes it was 0-0 and aren’t relivers relievers because they’re not as good as the starters?

Furthermore, why was Maddon so intent on keeping Howell in the game that he had him bunting a runner over in the 8th?

- Why was Upton so praised for his baserunning (which was in fact remarkable and memorable), but not the least bit criticized for his lackadaisical fielding in game 5? Anyone that didn’t flinch when he neglected to charge two consecutive shallow flies in the later innings and excused him for making the safe play, must have missed the camera shot of him sitting on the bench, and conspicuously not on the top step, wrapped in a towel, with a look that couldn’t have said anything but, "I wish it wasn’t so cold; I just want to get out of here."

- Did Kazmir reveal himself as less than an ace? If his playoff performace showed one thing it was that he’s incapable of going deep into a game. Between his pedestrian numbers, Matt Garza’s performance, and David Price’s debut, Kazmir might soon find himself the number three in that rotation.

- And a point of information: For all the weather problems baseball had in the WS this year (even if it hadn’t rained, this fashion debuted), they’re content to roll the dice again: because of the World Baseball Classic, next year’s game one will be on Oct 27th.

-Agent Easy


  1. I enjoy that Badsnap's personality and values sort of emerge over the months. Going deep into a game is truly a Badsnap value, isn't it?

  2. Yeah I suppose you're right. What's cool about ti from my end is that it emerged organically.

    In fact I didn't even realize it, until you just pointed it out.