Friday, November 21, 2008

The Implications of Darius Miles' Contract: Why is this kind of news fringe?

Simmons referenced this in an article the other day and thankfully I found the details within Tom Ziller's Fanhouse blog (take a second and check it out).

Without exaggeration, this is the most fascinating thing I've read about the NBA this year. As trivial as it might seem within the larger scope of the entire season (stars, records, wins), it offers insight into the inner workings of the league.

The 10-day contract loophole itself is interesting enough, but the story's Machiavellian possibilities really drive it.

It's frustrating that news like this is treated as fringe material, that one has to seek it out. (Though this is coming from someone who's barely watched SportCenter in months, I imagine their online content reflects whatever they report on tv). It's aggravating that too often the focus is on the "what" rather than the "how" and "why."

This comes down to blogs vs. MSM and the reason why the former are viable in the first place. This kind of story doesn't have any national flavor in that it isn't about a large-market team or a controversial player, and it's too complex for a casual fan. Thus, ESPN wont run with it. But their is an audience for it, perhaps a large one. Notice that Ziller prefaces his thoughts by saying "as we all know by now." His wording starkly distinguish the two entities. Who knows? Not anyone that relies exclusively on ESPN and the rest.

-Agent Easy


  1. That's the kind of stuff i like reading too (and what keeps me going back to badsnap). Why do there have to be so many damn dumb sportsfans out there, bringing the quality of coverage down? Can't they just all follow MMA only?

  2. I can't tell if tha last part is sincere or sarcastic. MMA is the new boxing.