Thursday, December 25, 2008

ESPN's Best Moments of 2008

For a more comprehensive list scan Le Anne Schreiber's archive or the "ESPN Nonsense" tag at Awful Announcing. We're going small, with our three favorite moments of the year. (Video within each link).

July 1
SportsCenter counts down the top 10 plays of the day, and at number 8, unironically and unapologetically, shows a promo for an upcoming show on ABC.

August 27
SC anchor Stan Verrett interviews LL Cool J with no ostensible reason but to promote a forthcoming album. "Take that twinkie out your mouth!"

December 19
Skip Bayless (and Jemele Hill) rank the NFL's best looking quarterbacks. That screen-grab is priceless.

- Agent Easy


  1. oh my god, that ll cool j is one of the worst things i've seen on espn, ever. what a disgrace.

    i'll bet chris berman would privately agree that espn has gone completely down the tubes.

  2. way back i a TBL commenter left a great espn cutdown - so much so i copied and saved it:

    But I can’t for the life of me think of another cable network that has such a contempt for its core audience. No other network intentionally tries to piss off its hardcore fan base with shit like this while they go for bigger numbers and hype and controversy. If ESPN ran The Weather Channel, they’d probably stop talking about the weather and show “Twister” all the time. Hey, it’s abouut the weather!