Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gettin chumped

The guys over at The Angry T put together a list of the year's best hits, college and pro.

The receivers coming across the middle are always the toughest to watch. I still can't believe Boldin only missed two games after that hit.

My personal favorite is #11 - the Reggie Bush punt return. I love the symmetry of both of those dudes getting cleared off the ground almost simultaneously.

The reverse angle on the Bradford hit (#9) is indeed "spectacular." And in case you forgot, the Hines Ward hit on Keith Rivers (#2) ended Rivers' season with a broken jaw.

Below I'm including one of my favorite "big hit" youtube clips. It's not so much the content, though I do enjoy Ronnie Brown's power running, but it's the production of this clip that I love. Have you seen my painting? I like to imagine Ronnie secretly slips this clip into a Dolphins DBs meeting once a year.

-Agent Easy


  1. that angry T best hit compilation sucked. a few of the videos had been pulled, they were all really shitty quality, and their selection wasn't even prime.

    the jason allen video made up for it though.

    one more thing---since the design change, i can only successfully comment when using mozilla firefox. neither safari nor internet explorer allow me to.

  2. thats fine, safari and IE suck anyway.