Monday, April 21, 2008

The #1 Pick and the QB Myth

Greg Cote thinks Miami should draft Matt Ryan with the #1 pick, as opposed to likely top pick Jake Long or one of the high-rated defensive linemen. A defensible argument - probably - but what's really interesting about his column is the way it falls for the myth of the Savior Quarterback:
"Jake Long could be another Richmond Webb just as Chris Long could be another Taylor (minus the cha-cha). But those are not positions of defining impact, which is partly why Webb and Taylor, together, have the same number of Super Bowl rings as your neighbor Fred."

1. If Webb's and Taylor's lack of Super Bowl rings means their positions don't have a "defining impact," then what about the fact that Marino doesn't have one either? Add Jim Kelly and Warren Moon as two other recent HOF QBs with no ring.

2. If you want a #1 OL pick that had a "defining impact" in terms of Super Bowl impact, think Orlando Pace. No way the Rams' deep-pass offense of that era would have been able to work without that offensive line, which Pace anchored.

3. While we're on 1990s drafts, let's remember Jonathan Ogden, picked 4th overall by Baltimore. The 2000 team won the Super Bowl, mostly because of its record-setting defense, but also because its running game - 5th in the NFL - was able to make up for having the mediocre Trent Dilfer at QB.

4. On defensive end not being an impact position - this year's Giants team basically won the Super Bowl with their pass rush. Also, Bruce Smith was a number one draft pick, and he helped the Bills get to four Super Bowls (of course there are some 1st-pick DEs who turned out to be duds - Courtney Brown comes to mind - but the same is of course true of QBs).

5. The importance of the left tackle position brought to mind this old SI cover story, definitely worth revisiting - not that SI's recommended #1 draft pick that year panned out that well.


  1. man, that's what i call a confutation. and it was warranted, what a retarded statement by cote.

  2. it's Kinnear Kern, lon time no talk guys!!! hi!!May 2, 2008 at 1:36 AM

    dont forget tony boselli leading the jags to 6 world championships, and dan wilkinson bringing the bengals their three-peat of the late 90's.