Friday, April 11, 2008

Johnny Cueto, no longer on your fantasy waiver wire.

The Cincinnati Reds' rookie pitcher has started off extremely strong. His 1-0/2.03 after two starts is nice, but what's especially impressive is his K/BB ratio of 18/0. The lack of walks puts his WHIP at a ridiclous 0.45. This comes on the heels of a great Spring Training for the righthander, who throws a slider (his strongest pitch), fastball and changeup.

Obviously it's early, but Cueto's season should be fun to watch, assuming Dusty Baker hasn't pitched him into the ground by June. The Hardball Times tells us not to worry about that: "Dusty Baker is not a professional arm shredder."

Here's Cueto in spring training.


  1. those numbers made me say: "what the frick?"

  2. that last comment was posted by M.Morris