Monday, April 28, 2008

Draft Quick Hits Cont'd - Colt Brennan's selection

One dark horse pick in the draft was Washington's selection of Hawaii QB Colt Brennan in the 6th round. While he put up ridiculous numbers at Hawaii, much of it can be chalked up to their old-school run-n-shoot offense and weak competition - their Sugar Bowl collapse against Georgia showed they were completely unprepared for a real pass rush. Indeed, Brennan's Hawaii predecessor of similarly insane stats, Timmy Chang, never lasted on an NFL roster past the preseason and now plays in Canada.

Still, the Hawaii offense has been one of the most fun to watch in college football in recent years, and it will be interesting to see if Brennan can stick with the Redskins. The odds of it happening are slim though, especially now that Spurrier's "fun-and-gun" is no longer in place in DC.

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  1. He's following in a rich tradition of mediocre QBs drafted by Washington.