Sunday, January 11, 2009

Delhomme quick hit

Delhomme's 5 interceptions tonight offer a great opportunity to remind everyone that that's still one shy of the modern day record, held by none other than the fabulous Favre.

Think for a moment just how atrocious Delhomme looked tonight, how loud the collective groan was that you heard after the fifth one. Then consider, that on January 20, 2001 Favre threw six interceptions against the Rams. (Technically he shares this record for most INTs in a playoff game with three guys who played without facemasks).

And yes coincidentally Kurt Warner was the QB on both occasions.

Cold Hard Football Facts has a handy chart showing just how devastating playoff INTs are.

-Agent Easy

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  1. that chart is something. now that's what i call, the favre magic.