Thursday, January 8, 2009

Let's put it in perspective

Here is the short list of school that have won National Championships in both football and basketball

Cal Football: '20-'22
Cal Basketball: '59

Maryland Football: '53
Maryland Basketball: '02

Michigan Football: '01-'04, '18, '23, '33, '48, '97
Michigan Basketball: '89

Michigan State Football: '52, '65, '66
Michigan State Basketball: '79, '00

Ohio State Football: '42, '54, '57, '61, '68, '70, '02
Ohio State Basketball: '60

Florida Football: '96, '06
Florida Basketball: '06, '07

Aside from UF, MSU is the only other school to win multiple championships in each sport. OSU is the only other school to win their cross-sport titles within a year of each other - the next closest is Michigan with an eight year span. If the Gators win tonight a UF frosh c/o '09 will have seen two basketball and two football champions in their brief college career. "Unprecedented" doesn't even begin to describe it.

-Agent Easy

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  1. wow, that is incredible what some UF kids experienced. there should definitely be a t-shirt made that commemorates this feat.