Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Slash is Back

The Dolphins are apparently taking a serious look as WVU's Pat White for the specific role of running the Wildcat offense. With the Wildcat gaining some traction around the NFL (and not only in the NFL) could this be a new route to the pros for "slash"-type college quarterbacks who don't have the passing skills to be a full-time QB at an NFL level, but could be a weapon out of this formation? And could this also be the reason for Miami's audition of Jayson Foster last offseason? And, most importantly, is Kordell Stewart thinking he was 10 years too early?



  1. Fiedler FTW!

  2. ah, i remember that game against the raiders. great td scramble. on the other hand, i think fiedler was hardly the kind of QB hazelwood was talking about...