Thursday, January 22, 2009

Have some laughs with your sports!

- The Onion on Barkley

- PFT reports: "The move will reunite coach Eric Mangini with Kokinis, in a pairing that some league insiders are calling “Mankok.”

[PFT via MLJ]

-Agent Easy


  1. pretty funny stuff.

    by the way, i want to use this space to rant on, which i know is always welcome in these parts.

    I'm sure we've all seen their recent makeover. Now, all of a sudden, half of the stories are only viewable in video format. bullshit. that must be because half of's viewers can't read. Seriously. Ridiculous. I am officially going to (and miami herald sports section online) for my basic sports news.

  2. i'm not sure what you mean "half the stories are viewable in video format." I havent experienced that (yet).

    As for a diff place to get your sports news- you should try yahoo - Theyve been beeting ESPn in the comscore rankings for half a year now.